Extremely soft white silk floated over the table, as if it was custom fit. Exactly like everything else in the stupid Offshore, where we are expected to find our forever person based on a bloody percentage. Fluorescent lily flowers delicately sit in the exact centre of the table spreading a heavy scent of pollen through the clean air. The outdoor restaurant decorated with yellow warning lights and flowers contributing to the entire theme of romance, I guess. This is pairing perfectly with the endless light navy sky, along side the grass precisely cut at one inch, going for kilometers,  and small ponds evenly placed across sections within the gardens. These long green gardens are used for the romantic walks we constantly are expected to endure.

‘Coach, what time is she expected to arrive?’ ‘In exactly one minute Bryn. Was this helpful?’ ‘Yes Coach’. Thank god I’ve been here for nine minutes sitting alone looking like a knob! Perfect system my ass! Sunlight piercing onto my back brings comfort but this will be my third date and let me tell you the past two were dreadful, but third time’s a charm right? Huh what a joke for April first! I appreciate my own irony.

Looking to my right I glance over, due to an abrupt banging noise. A rather small girl, awkward if I was honest, was struggling to figure out a simple push/pull door into the garden dining section. Oh fuck sake, I can’t help think to myself. Don’t tell me she’s here for me!

After another attempt at the misleading door (It had a pull/push sign on it, but never mind that). She manages to fumble her way through. If I were to estimate her height I’d say about 5.5 but what do I know. First impressions, she seems super apprehensive. I think I may have used the word awkward before, cause that’s a bit fitting. She has short, wavy, shoulder length burgundy red hair. She’s quite attractive actually. She has emerald green eyes that complement her red hair. She approached me and I can almost see the cogs turning in her head figuring out her first words to say to me. ‘Bryn?’ Can’t work out if that’s fortunately or unfortunately me.  ‘That’s me, and you are?’ ‘Alexis but Lexi works just fine‘.

Hesitantly I ask Lexi about herself. I expected one of those girls who only talk about themselves, but I was wrong. She’s rather intelligent which  contradicts her exterior presence. Remember how I said she was awkward?I query her about what her ideas of the Offshore are. I mean I don’t expect a similar opinion but I really hope it’s not all fairies and rainbows like the Outside make it out to be. ‘Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for giving things a go, but let’s be real, they tell us not to judge a book by it’s cover, but we do anyway it’s human nature. From what I have gathered the Offshore is rather artificial. We are all pretending to be something we are not, in an attempt to blend into an unfamiliar environment. Sorry if that’s a bit cynical.’ I am actually rather surprised I didn’t see that coming. She extends the conversation back to me and I express my opinion which is an unpopular thing to do for the typical Offshore person. ‘We don’t tend to think for ourselves here. Well at least not meant to.’

We find ourselves woken from our deep conversation, back to reality whatever that is, by Lexi’s Coach checking in with her. ‘How are you Alexis? It has been 72 minutes from your last entry.’ ‘Yes Coach. No problems, just enjoying myself.’

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